MPblog is my home. It’s where I share my crazy ideas. I’m a self-considered blogger, an artist, a dad of a four legged son. I’m obsessed with simplicity, with straight lines, with harmony of colors and things. When I was a child I wanted to create my own utopia; designing homes and buildings with cardboard paper; imagining a more organized society. It has been hard since then, living in a disorganized world; enough reason to translate in paintings the world by which my head navigates. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay in MPblog.


Some of the art pieces presented in this website are on display in Village Gallery in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. Come visit!

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Art Gallery

A collection of art pieces by Manuel Padilla Contemporary Art. Visit the contemporary art gallery or see a quick sample below.

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Come To Our Next Gallery Show

The next show is: March 15th, 2014 at Village Gallery in Fairfax, VA. Please select "events" from the menu for more information.

“Old Town” by Manuel Padilla

Inspired by the architecture of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Price: $450.00 Buy Now

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From Idea To Masterpiece

The evolution of “Hysteria” in photos. From the beginning to the end. From idea to masterpiece. “Hysteria” is a criticism to the collective hysteria in the modern world.  

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Recepción en Village Gallery (Spanish)

La recepción pautada para las 7PM del sábado 28 de septiembre de 2013 fué un éxito total. En la actividad participaron artistas del área metropolitana de Washington, DC, amistades, familiares y público en general. Nuestro próximo evento será el día sábado 19 de octubre del 2013 en Village Gallery.

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